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Poof… You're A Voice Actor!

You may have a good voice but now you need to learn how to use it. Joe Loesch shows us how.

Joe Loesch’s military service influenced the way he set up his voice-over business. He decided early on that if he put the kind of regiment he experienced in the ARMY – into his coaching, voice acting and demo production, it would give him the kind of discipline needed to make his business successful.

Through this process the clients he would serve, the students he would coach, would be successful as well.

Joe constantly hears from people who want to check out voice acting, only to find that they already have it in their head, what they need to do to get started. “They believe they’ll just record themselves speaking a few lines and put it out there to see who wants to hire them.

“This is just stinkin’ thinkin’!  Let’s say that you desire to become a nurse. You love people and you love taking care of them. You’re not magically transformed over night and the next morning, you’re a nurse. You still need training! Someone tells you, you have a good voice, and poof… you’re a voice actor? You may have a good voice but now you need to learn how to use it.” — Joe Loesch

He says, “I left that barking drill sergeant back in Basic Training.” There is no yelling in Booth Camp. No, “Drop and give me fifty push-ups!” You’ll find gentle leading and mutual respect. He approaches each section of the day’s activities with with humor and a determination to light a spark in each student.

You’ll experience some pretty special and fun exercises. His initial Booth Camp focuses on commercial and narration voice work. Followup workshops include audiobooks, animation, eLearning and marketing.

Joe continues to fill his workshops in Nashville through the Actor’s School USA. John Florian of provides Joe with what he loves, Road Trips! Subscribe to to see when Booth Camp is headed your way, or to put in your request. Join Joe on Mo-Joe Friday, the first and third Friday of each month for his YouTube tips for voice actors from Booth Camp. Presented by

Joe Loesch is an award winning author, voice actor and spoken word producer. Joe has produced over a hundred audiobooks, voiced dozens of national commercials and several cartoons for the Disney channel. He produced the Baby Looney Tunes sound-books. Joe teaches voice acting locally for The Actor’s School in Franklin, TN. He has been traveling the US with Booth Camp and continues to do so this year. This all day commercial workshop is designed to prepare you for your voice over career.

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