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Voiceover rate guide

Industry rate guide for professional voiceover artists

Voiceover rate guide

Industry rate guide for professional voiceover artists

Voiceover rate guide

Industry rates for professional voiceovers

We’re pleased you’ve found our treasure trove of 454 personally approved North American voice artists. As voice artists ourselves we’ve been involved in the world of voice overs since 1998… and we love it. Let us know about your project – post a free audition request.

We are proud to offer a minimum base rate for all our voice artists. Artist’s rates may vary depending on experience and turnaround. Please post an audition request for our voice artists to quote for your particular project’s requirements.

Minimum rates

As a guide, we highly recommend the the most up-to-date rate guide in the industry at GVAA – click here for their comprehensive minimum rates guide. Whatever your requirement, if you need an North American English voiceover for your project then drop us a line, we will be happy to match you to a voice artist.

Openness policy

As voice artists ourselves we feel that being open, transparent & friendly as a business as well as individuals is essential in running a voiceover platform. It’s important for voice artists and potential clients to know how we work. Whether a voice artist is using us to showcase their talents or a potential client is using our admin services for casting calls, audition selection, artist recommendations or project negotiations we want everyone to know what to expect from us. Find out more below:

Artist applications

Joining VoicesUS as a voice artist involves a one-off, non-recurring admin fee for us to consider (and subsequently potentially host) artist showcases. We have high standards for becoming part of the VoicesUS professional artist family and not all applications are successful, management reserve the right to disapprove applications. In case of non-approval a full refund of the admin fee will be made immediately and all uploaded materials will be deleted from our servers.

Voice seeker fees

Direct contact with artists incurs 0% commission. Projects involving VoicesUS admin, for example casting calls, audition selection, artist recommendations by VoicesUS management & fee negotiations incurs a 10 – 20% fee to cover our time in addition to the rate set by the artist (when an enquiry is made we contact the artist in question for their turnaround time and fee for the specific project in hand) if above our minimum rates as set out in the table above.