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Terms & conditions

Please review the terms and conditions of this agreement attentively. By creating an account, you are acknowledging and agreeing to be bound by the terms and conditions contained herein, even if you have not perused them thoroughly. It is imperative to read the entire agreement, especially the provisions that may impose limitations on your rights, such as those outlined in Section 11 concerning warranties and Section 12 regarding limitations.

This agreement establishes the relationship between VoicesUS and the user, referred to as the “Client,” who may act as a voice talent providing services or a client acquiring the services of a voice talent.

Access to VoicesUS’s online services (the “Services”) will be granted to the Client, allowing them to utilize various services offered to Clients in accordance with the selected service level. The Client is obligated to pay VoicesUS the standard fees specified on the VoicesUS website for the chosen service level. VoicesUS reserves the right to modify fees and service levels, with such changes becoming effective no earlier than the end of the current Term. Voice talent fees for each assignment, along with a 20% administration fee (plus payment processing fee) for VoicesUS, are payable in advance. Joining VoicesUS involves a one-time administration fee of $99.99, and a 6-month trial option is available for $49.99. This one-time administration fee covers showcase setup and provides lifetime membership to the VoicesUS site.

Payments for voice talent work are collected via VoicesUS’s partner Stripe and paid to talent via Paypal or bank transfer (on request). Such payments are immediate but will be released to the voice talent only upon delivery and approval by the purchaser. The use of any payment method other than VoicesUS’s service is prohibited, and the Client agrees not to circumvent this Payment Service.

By paying an invoice, the Client agrees to the terms outlined here. Following delivery of recorded audio: after 14 days of inactivity/non-communication, the project will be assumed closed and funds will be released to the voice artist. Further amendments after that time will be possible on negotiation of a new fee. Unwatermarked final quality delivered audio is non-refundable. Fees include any corrections to voice artist pronunciation errors, intonation mistakes and/or unfollowed direction. Changes in direction and/or script content are possible on negotiation of a new fee. Any recordings as part of this agreement may not be used to create an artificial voice model of any type, now or in the future, on any platforms or devices known or not known.

The commencement of this Agreement occurs when the Client registers on VoicesUS. If the Client is already registered, this Agreement takes effect and supersedes any existing Subscription and User Agreement upon being posted on VoicesUS. The Term continues for the specified duration unless renewed or terminated by either party. Upon termination, VoicesUS provides the Client with 30 days to retrieve any materials placed on the VoicesUS website.

The content on the VoicesUS website is owned and copyrighted by VoicesUS or other parties posting material. The Client grants a license to VoicesUS for the use of any content required to provide the Services, but VoicesUS has no ownership interest in Client data, trademarks, or other content placed on the website.

VoicesUS will offer support and training to the Client for the use of the Services as needed. Support will primarily be provided through web-based tools and does not include changes or customizations.

VoicesUS may terminate this Agreement or suspend the Client’s access to the Services without notice for various reasons, including non-payment, non-compliance, or unauthorized transfer of rights.

The Client is responsible for all activities conducted using the Services and must comply with applicable laws and VoicesUS policies. VoicesUS may limit storage space for audio files if deemed excessive.

VoicesUS will use commercially reasonable efforts to provide Services continuously, subject to maintenance requirements and matters beyond its control. Changes to the website and Services may occur at any time at VoicesUS’s discretion.

The Services are provided “as is,” and VoicesUS disclaims any warranties regarding accuracy, uninterrupted operation, or satisfaction of expectations. VoicesUS is not responsible for disputes between those hiring voice talent and the voice talent themselves. The total liability of VoicesUS is limited to the fees paid by the Client for the preceding 6 months.

The Client agrees to indemnify VoicesUS for any expenses incurred due to the Client’s violation of this Agreement.

VoicesUS may amend this Agreement, and any amendments must be made in writing. Disputes between the parties will be escalated to each party’s President or CEO, and unresolved issues will be referred to a mediator.

Confidential Information, as defined in the Agreement, must be treated with confidentiality, and privacy laws will be adhered to by both parties. The Agreement supersedes all prior agreements and will survive termination regarding certain provisions.

Force majeure events may excuse delays or omissions in the performance of obligations. Notices will be provided in writing and deemed received under specified conditions.