Joe Loesch

Joe Loesch
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Joe Loesch
Approved long-term voice artist. Read more.

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Joe Loesch is the voice for many cartoon characters for the Disney channel. He is the producer for Baby Looney Tunes sound-books. He has produced over a hundred audiobooks for various publishers such as, Harper Collins, Zondervan Publishing, Thomas Nelson, Mission Audio, Oasis Audio, Toy Box Productions and Readio Theatre.

He has narrated dozens of audiobooks, Joe has voiced dozens of commercials for national advertisers, Philips/ Magnavox, Bridgestone/Firestone, Folger’s Coffee, Sun Sweet Prunes, Ford, Chevy and Toyota. For local and regional advertisers, Auto Masters, Texas Ford Dealer Association and the list goes on.

He has also appeared in a number of movies and dozens of national TV commercials. Joe is the producer and the voice of all characters for Dave Ramsey’s “Junior’s Adventures.” Winner of the 2013 Gold Communicator Award!

Joe was nominated ‘Spoken Word’ Producer of the Year by AFIM Indy Awards. He won The Diamond Award, multiple Silver Microphone and Crystal Jade awards. He won the Early Childhood News Directors Choice award for his creative writing and audio production. His “Abraham Lincoln Logues” book with audio was voted a top ten children’s book by Chicago Parent Magazine and is now available in Ford’s Theater in Washington, DC.

He also received a platinum album for Garth Brooks, “No Fences,” for his special effects on “The Thunder Rolls”.

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“Joe Loesch is an award winning author, voice actor and spoken word producer.”, Joe Loesch Joe Loesch


Pro Tools, Nueman U-87, TwistedWave, Sound Soap,


Harper Collins/Zondervan Publishing/Thomas Nelson/Mission Audio/Oasis Audio/'s Coffee/Sun Sweet Prunes/Ford/Chevy/Toyota/Auto Masters/Texas Ford Dealer Association

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    Great voice

    Working with Joe Loesch is being sure of a successful job.
    Excellent audio quality, perfect acting and fast turnaround.
    It’s always a great pleasure recording with him.
    Regards from Brazil,
    Tarciso Galli.

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