Jay Preston

Jay Preston
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Jay Preston
Approved long-term voice artist. Read more.

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    Under 12hr delivery

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    Young adult

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    US - California

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A current LA local, Jay grew up in New England and on the stage. The storyteller quality has been passed down for generations. If you are looking for warm, natural and trustworthy, look no further.

His Boston roots give him easy access to the edgy, unique and sarcastic (or some call it “wry”) side that adds a nice touch to any spot with attitude. With over 15 years of Improv under his belt, all you need to do is say the word and he’ll add flavor and endless options to any spot.

You’ve heard him on the History Channel, McDonalds Commercials, Organic Valley Radio spots, online with Realtor dot com, and much more! A Perfect voice for Explainer videos, mobile apps and games, and especially e-learning videos!

Jay Preston has agents all over the country and no matter how many projects he may be juggling at once, yours will always seem like it’s the number one priority; you’ll receive fast, efficient, and open communication, ample opportunities for direction and feedback, and a polished, finished product in record time.

With a turnaround time that’s measured in hours instead of days, your project will shoot to the forefront of the ever-closing windows of opportunity.

Click here to create a free audition if you'd like auditions from me (or voices similar to mine).

“A Natural, Conversational, Storyteller. Your trusted friend. ”, Jay Preston Jay Preston


TLM 103, MKH416, John Hardy M-1, Focusrite Forte, Adobe Audition CC


The History Channel, McDonalds, REI, SAP,, Fractured Hip Productions, Airbnb, Elephant Games, Ltd, FlipGive, Labour, Wet Paint, Lucky Deuces Vapor Company, Expressworks, PBS, Logisticorp, Prospera Credit Union

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    Very Pro!

    Very fast and very pro.
    Well done!

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    Great to work with!

    Jay brought some real personality to the script and delivered quickly. Great to work with!

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    • Turnaround:


    Amazed with the experience and expertise that Jay brought to the table. Fantastic commitment and delivery.

    Happy Customer : )

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    Very Pleased!

    We were very pleased with the great dedication and professionalism Jay offered. When a few changes had to be made, Jay always responded quickly and completed the job very well. Considering our very tight deadline, this was more than we could ask for!

    We hope we can work with Jay in the future.

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    Very Professional!

    JAY! You are an absolute pleasure to work with. Thank you for your excellent voice, fast turnaround times, and professionalism. We love your voice and hope to work with you again soon! 5 + stars!

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