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Wil Cee

Wil Cee 


Wil Cee

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  •    AGE RANGE: Young adult
  •    Accent origin: US - Illinois
  •    Gender: Male


Straying from the ordinary, with a beat all his own, Wil Cee – your Voiceover Bebop specialist, has a natural vocal tone that captivates your attention.  Current, original, youthful, natural, guy-next-door, smart, witty and professional with a dash of zany.  Wil can stay up with the trends, and set a few of his own.

Inspired by the early bebop masters who were driven to push past the styles of their predecessors, Voiceover Bebop is all about creating original, engaging vocal experiences that keep your project relevant with a lasting impression.

Wil gives careful thought to the interpretation of any script, just as a musician would give to a composition. Fresh new ways to express the intent of the words and connect deeply with your audience. Rhythm, phrasing, pauses, and dynamics are just as important to voiceovers as they are to jazz. Will can find the right combination of these elements bring out the unique personality of the project.

Whether it’s a badass, rugged motorcycle enthusiast, the tech buddy who knows it all, the voice calling out for compassion, or the professional who speak to you, not over you, Wil is driven to deliver the best performances for his clients.  Speaking of clients, their satisfaction is first priority. At Voiceover Bebop, the motto is: “Your timeline is my timeline.” By recording with top-notch gear, you can be sure to receive your voiceover in a timely manner.

May you always be in the pocket,


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“Genuine, intimate, conversational, versatile, rugged, friendly, sensual, contemporary, professional”, Wil CeeWil Cee

Macbook Air, Audio Technica AT875R, Apogee Mic, iTrack Solo, various studios around the city
My most recent session was for Tide, detailing their growth in the Chinese market using an innovate ad comapign. Great session!

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