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Steve Bailey

Steve Bailey 

Steve Bailey

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  •    AGE RANGE: Middle aged
  •    Accent origin: US - Wisconsin
  •    Gender: Male


I have been in broadcasting for over 40 years, full and part time. I only recently began full time voice over work after selling my business and semi retiring. My voice is a deep bass and my delivery style is more laid back, conversational, guy next door type – definitely not your high pitched screamer type. I am credible and believable, and I take direction very well, and am easy to work with. I still do live television for public TV here in town during pledge drives and the yearly auction. I do enjoy on camera work. The greatest skill I believe I have is the fact that I know my limits and won’t embarrass myself by trying to do something I know I can’t do well.

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“I am a voice talent with a deep bass voice.”, Steve BaileySteve Bailey

I have a Newmann LTM 103 Microphone, A YamahaMG12/4 8 channel audio mixing console, Dell Computer, Altec :ansing studio loud speakers dual screen pop filter, and AKG headphones.
I've only been full time for 6 months,but have done several jobs already; a narration for Syndrome Studios, LA; NBC San Diego USS Midway spots; Green Party Political announcement for Keyframe Communications, London Ontario;2 Beterans Administration narrations fopr Reingold, Inc. Alexandris, VA.;

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