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Stefan Ashton Frank

Stefan Ashton Frank 


Stefan Ashton Frank

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  • STUDIO PATCH: Source Connect, Source Connect Now, Skype, Phone patch
    Under 12hr delivery
  •    AGE RANGE: Young adult, Middle aged, Senior
  •    Accent origin: Mid-Atlantic/Neutral
  •    Gender: Male


I am an American doing Voice overs and singing from all around the world.

My speaking voice is on TV on most continents daily. I’m on many cartoons, over 100 games, documentaries, over a 1000 TV promos, film trailers, and commercials. Voiced over a dozen Promax awards.

I have a full production recording studio where I record and produce ads, songs, TV promos, network channel branding, and music, complete with Source connect w/ISDN bridging.

I’m the voice of Mr.Robinson and many others, on the Emmy, and Multi Bafta award-winning, The Amazing World of Gumball for Cartoon network.

Speedy McAllister on Chuggington, for Disney. Diego and Duke, for Ice Age Live, Nearly 100 video games, from Driver to Transformers Universe, Horizon Zero Dawn to Lego Marvel superheroes 2.

Play by play commentator for Robot Wars(US).
And always a few active NDAs.

I also have been Singing, Gigging, recording, and/or Songwriting, with everybody from Boy George to George Clinton, The Prodigy to Rufus Wainwright. Over 100 records, and years of touring.

Click here to post a free audition request if you'd like auditions from me or voices similar to mine, and we'll come to you!

“It took me decades to become an overnight sensation”, Stefan Ashton FrankStefan Ashton Frank

Macpro 3xquadcore 3ghz 32 ram Pro tools / Logic/ full music production too u87,mhk 416, avalon sp737 mic pre apogee ensemble 35 mg connection with Source connect and Phone patch, On the road Macbook pro 2x3.2ghx apogee duet pt/logic with Source connect mkh416, Source connect
Decades. I book work most every day. It might be easier to list who I haven't worked for. Here is over 5 hours of work I've done that you'll never get back

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