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Ron Knezek

Ron Knezek


Ron Knezek

          Demo #1:
    Medical Elearning
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    Retail Automotive D:
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    Retail Furniture De:
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  • Current availability:

    Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday , Thursday, Friday, Saturday


    Source Connect, Skype, Phone patch


    Under 12hr delivery

  •    AGE RANGE:

    Young adult, Middle aged, Senior

  •    Accent origin:

    US - Arizona, US - Colorado, US - Florida, US - Georgia, US - Missouri, US - Montana, US - New Mexico, US - Oklahoma, US - Texas, US - Utah, US - Wyoming

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WoVO Professional Member

Hello there! Thanks for stopping by. I help producers and casting directors by making the Voice Actor the “non-issue” of their project and turning projects in under an hour in most cases!

What will make your next production a success? Yes, the perfect voice; of course. What about great looks? Not so much. How about someone who does what they say they will do; on time and according to spec?

Clients with whom I partner experience great communication, a fun work environment, prompt deliveries and the product they desire! Questions and communication on the front side prevent retakes on the backside. When your file is delivered through FTP, you can feel confident it will be what you are expecting. Professionalism. A known quantity in today’s chaotic work environment is my goal for your project, not another variable.

Join companies like Amazon, Liberty Mutual, McDonald’s, Unilever, WD-40 and more in utilizing my service to help accomplish your goals! Whether it is E-learning, Narration, Commercial or just about anything else, when you contact me, it will be the easiest part of your project.

A little about my setup…
I have a custom-built studio. (-65db)
Source Connect when necessary or desired.
I am available for live direction through phone patch or any of the different online meeting options; Zoom, Skype, GoToMeeting, etc.

Here is my hardware:
Computer: Mackbook Pro
Microphone: Neumann TLM 49, Sennheiser MKH 416
DAW Software: Adobe Audition
Interface: Universal Audio Apollo MKII Thunderbolt

The awesome Marc Cashman is my current VO coach along with multiple workshops with Trailer Voice Artists (TVA) and Real Voice LA. I am a member of World-Voices Organization, WoVO.

Reach out! I would love to set aside some time for you to discuss your project compatibility.

Click here to post a free audition request if you'd like auditions from me or voices similar to mine, and we'll come to you!

“I am professional, dependable and fun to work with. ”, Ron Knezek Ron Knezek


Custom studio -65db, MacBook Pro, Adobe Audition. Sennheiser MKH 416, Neumann TLM 49, Manly VoxBox, Apollo MKII interface


Liberty Mutual, Unilever, McDonalds, Grilla Grills, Acclarent, Tyson Foods, JetAlgo, etc...

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