Robert Ring

Robert Ring
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Robert Ring
Approved long-term voice artist. Read more.

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Robert Ring is a veteran commercial real estate professional whose experience includes the development of thousands of apartment units and the negotiation of hundreds of millions of dollars in commercial real estate financing. His career included frequent public speaking engagements and presentations to city councils, boards of aldermen, and planning and zoning commissions. A common feedback heard for many years is, “You have a radio voice.”

Now Ring has put that comment to the test, and you are invited to experience his solid, strong, sincere Americana voice. It can be deep and authoritative, yet comforting.

Ring currently uses this style as he advocates for children in the foster care system as a CASA volunteer, particularly in courtroom settings, and as a member of the Board of Directors. Or as he helps comfort children receiving orthopedic care, while he volunteers his time weekly at St. Louis Shriners Hospital for Children. Children are, and always have been, an important part of Ring’s life, and he feels a deep sense of obligation as well as personal fulfillment as he uses his time for the benefit of young ones in need. Kindness, gratitude, and humility are the axioms which formulate Ring’s drive.

But enough about that – what does it mean in terms of your needs? By knowing that a client-centered work ethic has been the been the hallmark of Ring’s career, you will receive fast, courteous, and efficient service. A promise made, and a promise that will be kept.

Experience the voice that has a great “Ring” to it – Robert Ring!

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“Ring's voice has a great Ring to it!”, Robert Ring Robert Ring


Apogee Hype Mic


Mentored by and member of VIP Talent group of Moneen Daley Harte

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