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Nathalie Briard

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Nathalie Briard

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    Under 24hr delivery

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    Middle aged

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    Canada - Quebec

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Creative, professional and skillful, the quality of Nathalie’s work is airing worldwide on all platforms. She has established meaningful relationship with clients that love her dynamic presence.

Her voice is featured on TV, radio, corporate video, learning platform and on the web.

Nathalie collaborates with her clients via many studios in Canada, USA, Germany, France and England for years. Having dual citizenship, Canadian and French, she records projects in International neutral speaking, Quebec accent and in French European accent as well.

She’s approached for her neutral English, English with a slight Canadian accent and also for her lovely French Parisian touch !

Coached for years. Improving her voice performance, tempo and precision has always been her top goal.

Supported by a sound engineer: genuine, hassle-free sessions are guaranteed. Save more than 65% of your valuable time in session by hiring Nathalie and Secteur B. Efficiency is in her DNA.

Click here to create a free audition if you'd like auditions from me (or voices similar to mine).

“Creative, professional and skillful, the quality of Nathalie's work is airing worldwide. ”, Nathalie Briard Nathalie Briard


Professional home studio


Her voice is featured on TV, radio, corporate video, learning platform and on the web for years. As wonderful clients as : Gucci, CK, Toyota, Alexa, Google, Pepsi, Tic Tac, Nintendo, Philips, Unicef and many, many more !

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