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Natasha Marchewka

Natasha Marchewka 

   Valencia, California   

Female Voice Talent. Commercials. Narration. Voice-overs for business and broadcast since 2006.


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    Under 12hr delivery
  •    AGE RANGE: Young adult, Middle aged
  •    Accent origin: Mid-Atlantic/Neutral
  •    Gender: Female
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A Confidant. The Mom Next Door. A voice you can trust and always rely on. With a studio and a passion for self-employment, I built my reputation quickly as a go-to voice for TV network affiliates and general business clients. I’ve worked in entertainment, both as a performer and behind the scenes.

A singer, a graduate of Radio & Television Arts, and a motivated self-starter, I found myself at a variety of jobs from singing waitress to radio promotions manager.

I’m a Canadian living in California. Originally from Toronto and living in the States off and on since 1998, I quickly learned to speak with a neutral North American accent, trying to avoid being called out on my “out and abouts”.

I provide voice-overs for:
♦ Commercials
♦ Promos
♦ Liners, Tags
♦ PSA’s
♦ Real Estate Listings and Real Estate Developer Videos
♦ Business Explainer and Brand Videos
♦ Business Presentations, Marketing Projects
♦ Overhead P.A. Announcements for Casinos and Stores

I provide voice-overs to:
♦ VIDEO PRODUCERS who need help with a pro voice quickly, without the hassle of agents and unions,
♦ MARKETING MANAGERS who need a voice to represent their company’s project “on brand”,
♦ CREATIVE SERVICES departments who need a great read, really fast,
♦ …and REAL ESTATE professionals who need a warm voice for their development or property video.

Some of my clients include Electrolux US, World Vision, and WFMJ Today.

I look forward to bringing your scripts to life with my warm, conversational tone and superior service! Feel free to send a script. I’ll provide you a demo and an estimate in less than 24 hours!

Female Voice Actor for Television Commercials and Promos, Radio Commercials, Pre-roll YouTube Commercials, Brand and Product Videos, Explainer Videos, Business Presentations, Real Estate Marketing Videos…

Click here to post a free audition request if you'd like auditions from me or voices similar to mine, and we'll come to you!

Sennheiser 416, Yamaha AG03, Adobe Audition, StudioBricks booth
Broadcast and non-broadcast, I have recorded 10,000+ commercials and voice-over projects and have grown my business exponentially through referrals from happy clients throughout North America and around the globe over the past 11+ years. From World Vision, to Electrolux, to the local craft brewery, clients continue to return to my product and service worthy of their most important business projects. I started my voiceover business with a six-month-old in the background; this, after a Bachelor’s degree in Radio Television Arts, several years of singing in New York, and many, MANY jobs paying my dues. Once deciding to work as an at-home voice talent, why not add moving to three different countries with two kids and two pets in tow? A StudioBricks acoustic booth, and Yoga, help me keep calm and carry on. ॐ

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