Morgan Keller on VoicesUS® - Audition & hire this North American voiceover artist (★★★★★) Morgan Keller on VoicesUS® - Audition & hire this North American voiceover artist (★★★★★)
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Morgan Keller

Morgan Keller
Approved long-term voice artist. Read more.

This pre-approved verified showcase went live 2 years ago. This voice artist has committed to remain an active lifetime member.

Morgan Keller
Approved long-term voice artist. Read more.

This pre-approved verified voice artist's showcase went live 2 years ago. They have been active on the VoicesUK talent team and have committed to a lifetime showcase on the platform.

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The part of my work that I enjoy most is breathing life into written words. I enjoy taking lifeless characters on a page and imbuing them with personality and meaning. It might take a few tries to get the right voice for a character, or to say a line with the correct emotion and cadence, but once it’s done, and a narrative unfolds, I love to see the completed work unfurling. The uniqueness of my voice is that I love to play characters in stories.

I learned my voiceover skills the same way that everyone learns to act. By practicing a script over and over. I practiced The Importance of Being Earnest by Oscar Wilde over and over switching between the characters and getting into each one’s head until I was able to effortlessly perform the entire play, myself in a way that when I listened back to myself during editing I didn’t cringe at myself. I still go back and reperform the play whenever I change my audio setup so that I can hear the difference between myself now, and myself in previous iterations. I have continuously improved myself in the last 3 years that I have studied and practiced voiceover.

The first audiobook I produced, I produced only for myself. It was The Charwoman’s Shadow by Lord Dunsany. I recorded and produced the entire book, only to hide it away, never to be heard by anyone due to the amateur nature of the effort. Through years of effort, I have refined my abilities to a point that I believe I am now at the professional level, though, I will allow you to judge for yourself.

I was the narrator for The Half-Wizard Thordric series by Kathryn Wells on Audible, as well as Power’s Curse by KJ Taylor, and Blind Ideals by Matthew Broderick.

I worked for a company called Museum Audiobooks under the name “James Keller” to produce The Andersonville Prison Diary, Log of a Cowboy, and Edgar Huntly; or Memoirs of a Sleepwalker, also available on Audible.

I have also recorded books for a YouTube channel I run in my spare time.

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“A Voice for Your Story”, Morgan Keller Morgan Keller


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I have recorded and produced about 10 audiobooks for audible. The Half-Wizard Thordric series is the most popular.

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