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Did you know puberty passed me by? But… I caught a ride! And I’ve been a late bloomer and a misfit ever since! Maybe that is why I specialize in animation and character based commercials!

But I do e learning, narration and audio books also and on camera work. Now, my age is an unlisted number I can’t even remember because I voice children! Been doing this since I “retired” from showbiz just before COVID hit.

Just for fun, see if you can tell the difference between a truthful resume’ credit or an embellishment. 1. I am an opera singer, 2. I owned and operated my own theatre and performing arts school for two decades, 3. I lived next door to a serial killer, 4. I tap danced twice on national television, 5. I was once a stripper, 6. I play the piano really well. 7. I’ve voiced a talking pickle, a love struck skunk, a cow, a crabby crab, and a Southern bitch among others, 8. I coach with an 11 time Emmy winner, Jim Alburger and other top VOs and performers such as Dan Friedman, Joshua Alexander, Rob Marley and more. 9. I performed on Broadway, 10. I did a cabaret booking in NY at Don’t Tell Mama.

I could go on but safe to say, I’ve done a lot over the years.

So, I’m asking you, Got VO? I do! Contact me for your next project!

Click here to create a free audition if you'd like auditions from me (or voices similar to mine).

“Witty, Whimsical, bold, endearing, unique distinct sound, unforgettably entertaining, fun!”, Lee Colee’ Lee Colee’


I use a desk top Apple computer, scarlet interface and an audio technica mic in my home studio. Also source connect available.


Current clients include Comcast of Colorado, Andrea Meral Casting, Stephen Tako (The Junga, the Dancing Yeti video series), Prow'd House B&B of Texas and Wilshire Gun Range in Oklahoma City.

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