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Katie Dehnart

Katie Dehnart 

Katie Dehnart

    Katie Dehnart Chara:
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    Under 12hr delivery
  •    AGE RANGE: Child, Teen, Young adult, Middle aged, Senior
  •    Accent origin: US - Colorado
  •    Gender: Female


With an ensemble cast of zany personalities, I bring your animated characters to life, scripts to reality, and 15 years of VO experience to your next project!  My vocal range includes the clarity and precision suited for technical manuals or narration, or the vibrant character voices for the dramatic:  children, teen boys or girls, soccer moms, bumbling sidekicks, superheroes, evil villains, grandmas, grandpas, crazy chipmunks and multiple accents (British, Cockney, Asian, African, Aussie, Southern, Western, Jersey/Boston/New York, and more!)

Creative talent and enthusiasm are tempered with a keen ear to critique and an eager openness to direction.  Which, in turn, produces professional, consistent takes.  When not in my recording booth, I love teaching my children, scrapbooking and playing my Irish Tin Whistle!

Click here to post a free audition request if you'd like auditions from me or voices similar to mine, and we'll come to you!

“Passionate Voiceover-Enthusiasm & Variety: Children, Villians, Moms & more!”, Katie DehnartKatie Dehnart

BlueBird Microphone / M-Audio Fast Track external soundcard / Stedman Proscreen XL Popfilter / Adobe Audition CC Recording Software
15 years’ experience in the Voice Over industry. Clients include Int'l Christian Response, Misfits Audio, TV & Radio ads, video games, e-learning programs, and animated characters from Salty Graphics Studios

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