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Justin D. Torres

Justin D. Torres 

Justin D. Torres

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  • STUDIO PATCH: Source Connect
    Under 24hr delivery
  •    AGE RANGE: Young adult, Middle aged
  •    Accent origin: US - California
  •    Gender: Male


First off, I’m sorry. I’m the improvvy actor that may add a bit to the beginning of an audition to make it feel more human. I’m not just a random CEO. I’m a pissed off CEO who’s tired of all the viruses slowing down the network.

Secondly, I’m not sorry about the first thing! My job as an actor is to read the script. But, I also want to bring your script to life! Maybe, give it a fun take you wouldn’t think about. So, you make think I’m a lil crazy for this job, BUT I hope you’ll keep me in mind for those doozy scripts that need energy and fun.

Fourthly, I’ve got Source Connect Standard! (Clouds Open Up) HUZZAH!!

Fifthish, I love to slate. I slate for every national commercial out here in NYC. And every client should get the red carpet treatment. Even you, Barry’s Recycling.

Sixthlee, 400 Five star Reviews, blah blah, Fortune 500 Companies, worked with PBS, Nintendo, Amazon, blah blah, VISA, blah blah…. Long Story short, my demos aren’t demos, they are reels. Actual vo produced in my studio and broadcast to the world via tv, internet, film, and everything else.

Seventhish, all the details. 2-3 rounds of pickups (depending on size). They can be used as revisions. I turnaround jobs in 24-48hrs (depending on size). If you have a tight deadline, tell me up front and I will figure out to get the job done within the time. Or if you have a past deadline, I’ll use Dr. Strange’s necklace to turn back time so I can get it done earlier. After 3 months, the scrolls of pickup rounds magically dissipate and I’ll have to resurrect them using extra money from you.

Eight Town, I skipped thirdly. But, I’ll tell you a secret. I’ve got a sennheiser 416 in my studio which is the same mic used by Hugh Jackman in dubbing for Logan. If it’s good enough for Wolverine…..

Cloud Nine, come to my fancy website, JDT Voiceover, BUT only if you’re looking for the dapper professional side of my studio.

Have a great day!

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“I'll Help Grandma With the Wifi”, Justin D. TorresJustin D. Torres

Sennheiser 416
Visa, Nintendo, Marvel, Pokemon, Dairy Queen, GQ, Planet Fitness, The San Francisco 49ers, Amazon, ACX, PBS, Subway, Scholastic, Simon and Schuster, NBC, Equinox, Honeywell, NBA Final Four, and countless other companies from around the world.

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