James Wolven

James Wolven
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James Wolven
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    US - Georgia

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I am a voice actor with a focus on audiobooks, video games and animation, hailing originally from Georgia but pinballing over much of the eastern half of the U.S.. Fittingly, I use my love of exploring, traveling, and trying new things to fuel my passion for characters and storytelling, since every part I try on is an opportunity to learn something new and see a different perspective.

I got my start learning the art of voice over from the best of the best at Edge Studio in 2014. The skills and industry knowledge gained there led me to audiobooks such as A Campfire Nightmare by Jeffrey Stagg and Knights in Time: Knight Blindness by Chris Karlsen, and video games such as Quantum Suicide, Women of Xal and Lucid9.

My voice has been described as warm, inviting, mysterious, and commanding with dark, husky tones. I have also from time to time been referred to as that guy who sounds like Liam Neeson when he gets stern and serious. I speak a somewhat-conversational level of German (though I can’t promise I’ll always remember when to use der, die, das, den oder dem) and am currently working on crawling my way out of beginner-level Polish (wish me luck, this is a language with seven cases). Known accents that can be done offhand include Dixie (“deep south” American), Brooklyn, RP English, Scottish, Russian, German and French.

Click here to create a free audition if you'd like auditions from me (or voices similar to mine).

“An audiobook narrator with a dark, inviting voice”, James Wolven James Wolven


Rode NT-USB Microphone


Trained through Edge Studio; past audiobook authors include Jeffrey Stagg and Chris Karlsen; video game studios include Fallen Snow Studios, Project Trinity and Cotton Candy Cyanide

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