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Erica Risberg

Erica Risberg 


Erica Risberg

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  •    AGE RANGE: Middle aged
  •    Accent origin: US - Connecticut
  •    Gender: Female


On top of having over a decade of acting & public broadcasting experience under her belt, she’s got a Ph.D. in cultural studies & history of technology with minors in communications & new media. She’s worked extensively in environmental engineering and as a sound preservationist for the Maine Folklife Center where she developed a great ear for storytelling as well as learning how to edit sound.

Erica keeps that big brain of hers balanced with a fun-loving, adventurous and down to earth personality that shines through in her diverse, yet uniquely Erica, voice range. She can be warm & friendly, sarcastic & quirky, smooth & serious or authoritative & commanding. Musically, she is a natural alto to contra-alto, and her rich sound is skilled in a variety of character voices and accents to boot.

For Erica, no script is too challenging and she brings her intuitive curiosity as well as her dependable professionalism to every read. Find out what her cozy confidence and Ph.D. in storytelling can do for your next project.

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“I have a warm, professional voice that works well for narration.”, Erica RisbergErica Risberg

Sennheiser MK4 mic, Apogee One preamp, Adobe Audition sound software
I've been doing voiceovers for 5 years, specializing in commercials and narration. Some of my clients are Oak Street Films, HDR Engineering, Inc., and Washington Roofing Company,

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