Diana Lucas

Diana Lucas
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Diana Lucas
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Diana Lucas is an award-winning actress and Second City Mainstage Harold Group comedienne from Los Angeles, California. Diana is now living in Nashville, Tennessee (and Huntsville, Alabama). She has 2 children and an engineer husband.

She has done voice-overs for Disney and worked with George Wilkins. She studies opera singing; her FACH is Dramatic Coloratura, Wagnerian. She performs currently at the Huntsville Museum of Art Buccelatti Silver Room on Thursdays 5 After 5.

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“Voice Actor - Storyteller - Wizard of Words”, Diana Lucas Diana Lucas


MacBook Pro, SE2200 microphone, Focusrite 212, TwistedWave


Wicked Stepsisters Cinderella ODee Project, Disney Studios. Lil, Hydro foe LA Fire Department.

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