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Dennis Kleinman

Dennis Kleinman 

Dennis Kleinman

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  • STUDIO PATCH: ip-DTL, Source Connect
    Under 24hr delivery
  •    AGE RANGE: Middle aged
  •    Accent origin: International - South African (English language)
  •    Gender: Male


Originating from Cape Town, South Africa and living in Los Angeles for over 35 years, Dennis has a warm, rich voice accented more to non-regional British than pure South African. This results in a sophisticated international voice that crosses geographical boundaries. Dennis’ voice is applied to all genres in voiceover and is ideal for a wide range of  projects also featuring various international dialects and non-regional European.

His professionalism, enunciation, fast turnaround and perfection provides seamless integration in the approach and execution each project demands. Having worked in voiceover for more than ten years, projects include commercials, documentary narration, eLearning, animation and explainer videos as well as audiobooks. He works extremely well with direction and interpretation and has been complimented on how easy it is to work with him, as he always goes the extra mile and puts that little bit extra into all of his work.

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“A World Voice - Transcending Geographic Boundaries!”, Dennis KleinmanDennis Kleinman

Rode K2 mic, Audient ID22, iMac, Twisted Wave
Sothebys, GE, BP, Land Rover, Jaguar, HP, Schlumberger, Thompson Reuters, Wusthoff, Grundfos, Salvation Army

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