Dani States on VoicesUS® - Audition & hire this North American voiceover artist (★★★★★) Dani States on VoicesUS® - Audition & hire this North American voiceover artist (★★★★★)
Dani States

Dani States
Approved long-term voice artist. Read more.

This pre-approved verified showcase went live 8 years ago. This voice artist has committed to remain an active lifetime member.

Dani States
Approved long-term voice artist. Read more.

This pre-approved verified voice artist's showcase went live 8 years ago. They have been active on the VoicesUK talent team and have committed to a lifetime showcase on the platform.

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  • Current availability:

    Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday , Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday


    ip-DTL, Source Connect, Skype, Phone patch


    Under 24hr delivery

  •    AGE RANGE:

    Teen, Young adult, Middle aged

  •    Accent origin:

    US - Washington

  •    Vocal timbre:


Let me do the talking for you!
Source Connect Studio
With a natural age range from 25-40, Dani’s highly current and relatable signature sound is fun, flirty, warm and smart. Her relaxed, natural style and playful girl next door vibe create an instant, believable bond with Gen-X and Gen-Y audiences.

For commercial copy, Dani brings elements of herself and her personality into every read – down-to-earth, healthy, warm, friendly, knowledgeable, cool and nerdy. She’s playful, modern, youthful, conversational and real. An upbeat, enthusiastic, fun and quirky young mom. And, did we mention confident, sexy, flirty, stylish?

For technical, educational and corporate narration, Dani’s 20 years of corporate marketing and advertising experience within finance, hospitality and high tech sectors come in handy – allowing her to deliver complicated copy with a smooth, knowledgeable, trustworthy confidence. She’s been there. She knows what she’s talking about – and your audience will know it, too.

Whatever tone and feel you’re after, Dani is sure to capture the attention and gain the trust of your target audience.

Click here to create a free audition if you'd like auditions from me (or voices similar to mine). I am a professional member of WoVO, more info here.

“I'll do the talking for you! Smart. Fun. Warm. Real.”, Dani States Dani States


VocalBooth Studio, Neumann TLM 103 microphone, UA Apollo Twin preamp, Adobe Audition CC, extensive royalty free music library + tons of plugins


Dani’s easy-going girl-next-door and warm real mom delivery has given voice to a growing list of clients and production companies, including: Amazon Studios, Troika.tv, 7 Ate 9 Entertainment, GotFat Productions, Spinnaker Sound, Pendulum Swing Media, Apple Leisure Group, RespondWell, Google, Intel, Chevrolet, Nabisco, America's Best Racing, Hamilton Beach, EMC, Publix, South Nassau Communities Hospital, Mercedes Benz, Bainbridge State College, Piedmont Technical College, CommerceHub ...and many more!

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