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Bill Russell

Bill Russell 


Bill Russell

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  •    AGE RANGE: Middle aged
  •    Accent origin: US - Tennessee
  •    Gender: Male


Friends have described me as “Dynamic,” “Versatile,” ‘Lively,” “Intense,” “Funny,” “Gifted,” “Crazy” and “Determined”. Bill’s love for voice acting, and drive for success, is what has inspired him to venture out and establish himself as a professional voice actor.

      He was extremely blessed to be selected to narrate two books by best-selling Christian author, Sarah Young: “Jesus Lives” and “Jesus Today”. A year later, Thomas Nelson Publishing selected him again, along with Brilliance Audio, to narrate “Searching for Jesus” by Robert J. Hutchinson. Bill is also a regular contributing voice for the global children’s audiobook app, MeeGenius.com, where has narrated over 130 audiobooks and written five sing-along songbooks.

     In August of 2015, Bill was selected to co-star opposite Jonathan Jackson in the TV series “Nashville”, where he played Brian, a jingle producer. His time with the show consisted of two episodes: “Unguarded Moments” and “Three’s A Crowd”. The show will finish up its 4th season in 2016 and, of course, Bill is keeping his fingers crossed for a reprisal.

     Bill’s love, though, has been voice acting and music. He was commissioned to write the theme song “Better Than Ever” for the “Voice2014 Convention” held in Anaheim and produced a video to accompany the song, which you can view on his website www.billrussellvoiceactor.com. Leading up to the event, he also co-produced his first children’s CD/EP, with Sean O’Bryan Smith, entitled “I See Dinosaurs With My Eyes Closed”, available on iTunes.

     A new company in Nashville, ANAM Multimedia, is gathering steam in the film world. Head producer, Sean O’Bryan Smith, has added Bill as voice actor for their creative team. With his ability to morph into such a wide array of characters, ANAM Multimedia couldn’t be happier to include Bill in this amazing creative group.

     Bill’s work is not finished, rather always beginning, striving to be the best he can be. That drive and tenacity to succeed is what makes this the best job in the world for him. No dream is too far, no job is too big for this man of many talents.

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“No dream is too far and no dream is too wide.”, Bill RussellBill Russell

Mac Mini with Cubase Al 7, RODE NT2-A condenser and Steinberg UR22 usb interface.
LionsGate/Thomas Nelson/Brilliance Audio/Harper Collins Publishing/Houghton Mifflin Harcourt/Essilor Ltd, GB/MakeItPop Productions/Tennessee Lottery/MeeGenius.com/

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