Attila Puskás

Attila Puskás
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Attila Puskás
Approved long-term voice artist. Read more.

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Attila is a Hungarian talent from Romania, also known as Transylvania (yes, really!), which he can use to add accents to his reads to make them more exotic. He also knows the languages, of course! Thanks to this he was once a Language Director (it was a fun experience!).

He’s here to showcase his American accent! His voice is generally described as authoritative, deep, dark, dynamic, and can bring quite a chaotic energy into the mix if need be. He also has experience in martial arts, so in case combat needs to be simulated, he’s up for that too.

He has been trained in a few aspects of voice-over and has worked on character work (ADR included), with a splash of (radio) commercial thrown in and narration. Though he tends to let his instincts take over and trusts them to carry him through, that does not mean he shuts out the world! Quite the opposite. He is a good listener and easy to direct in a live session, quickly adapting.

So, if this sounds like an appealing concept or particular set of skills to you, let me know, and we’ll produce something amazing!

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“Order and Chaos Wrapped in One. Let the Voice Over Conquest begin!”, Attila Puskás Attila Puskás


Lewitt 440 Pure Microphone, Solid State Logic 2 Interface, High end PC with direct Internet connection, all wrapped up in a PVC Studio with Producers Choice Soundproofing Blankets


Global (UK radio station), Ain't Slain Nobody Podcast, Various NPCs for games and LOTS of training

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