Anthony Petaros

Anthony Petaros
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Anthony Petaros
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    Under 24hr delivery

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    Young adult

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    US - Nevada

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Well Hellooooo there!

So I hear you’re in the market for a fine set of cords, vocal cords that is. Well look no further my newfangled friends! I’ve been squeezing my “vocal accordion” for as long as I can remember…(but I’d rather not get into the details of my childbirth). I think you get the picture. So who am I? And how do I fit into the wonderfully artistic confines of your current creative endeavors? Well, I’m that guy next door, the young dad, the gamer, the first time car buyer, the techie who knows too much about his smartphone specs, the likeable underdog, the boyish romantic, the guy you can take home to mom, the dedicated soldier, and the dude who loves grabbing a drink with his buddies. And of course I can always change things up and be the mastermind super villain, the crazy alien sidekick, the knight in shining (or rusty) armor, or the pimple-faced teenager who fears female interaction. So that’s basically what I bring to the mic in a nutshell. Lets collaborate on something and make some audio magic! Put your lips to rest and let me be your vocal alchemist.



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“The conversational, youthful, energetic, quirky, and relatable guy next door. ”, Anthony Petaros Anthony Petaros


I have a home studio set-up for recording sessions. If ISDN is requested, I have access to many local studios here in Los Angeles.


I've been working as a voice over talent professionally for the past three years. Some of the more recent projects that I've worked on have been for Mountain Dew, NatureMade Probiotics, Game of War, and Fashion One international broadcasting. I also work independently on animation projects that showcase their work on Youtube.

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